Perry New York, Barn Wedding Photography: Luke and Cristin

July 19, 2016  •  3 Comments

A family affair.  That is what describes the beautiful wedding of Luke and Cristin.  Friends and family gathered at the family homestead to celebrate the joining of these two.  Beautiful, rustic decorations that the family (and friends) had made adorned the barn and the grounds and music filled the evening air when the bride's cousin's band (Trilogy) began to play.  Kids played, people laughed and celebrated, love was most certainly present and the weather was perfect!  What more could you ask for? 101_JMS6210-35070-35169101_JMS6210-35070-35169 Aunt Mar's home just around the corner was a perfect place for the girls to prepare. 103_JMS6272-35072103_JMS6272-35072 That's the face of one excited bride! 104_JMS6279-35073104_JMS6279-35073 106_JMS6292-35074-35170106_JMS6292-35074-35170 And then some waiting... 107_JMS6301-35075107_JMS6301-35075 109_JMS6309-35076-35171109_JMS6309-35076-35171 110_JMS6316-35077110_JMS6316-35077 Finishing touches with the help of a sister. 111_JMS6340-35078111_JMS6340-35078 113_JMS6352-35079-35172113_JMS6352-35079-35172 116_JMS6422-35082116_JMS6422-35082 Those two cute kids are our grandchildren.  Are they the cutest?  117_JMS6424-35083117_JMS6424-35083 118_JMS6434-35084118_JMS6434-35084 119_VVS3622-35085119_VVS3622-35085 120_JMS6445-35086120_JMS6445-35086 121_VVS3632-35087121_VVS3632-35087 123_JMS6469-35089123_JMS6469-35089 125_JMS6492-35090125_JMS6492-35090 Little Luke was the best baby!! 128_VVS3694-35093128_VVS3694-35093 130_VVS3699-35095130_VVS3699-35095 131_JMS6588-35096131_JMS6588-35096 133_JMS6607-35098133_JMS6607-35098 Cristin's cousin Eric not only played in the band but was the officiant as well :) 134_JMS6616-35099134_JMS6616-35099 135_JMS6634-35100135_JMS6634-35100 136_JMS6657-35101136_JMS6657-35101 137_JMS6669-35102137_JMS6669-35102 138_JMS6677-35103138_JMS6677-35103 139_JMS6694-35104139_JMS6694-35104 140_JMS6776-35105140_JMS6776-35105 142_JMS6796-35107142_JMS6796-35107 147_JMS6815-35110147_JMS6815-35110 150_JMS6818-35111-35164150_JMS6818-35111-35164 151_JMS6820-35112151_JMS6820-35112 153_JMS6839-35113-35174153_JMS6839-35113-35174 155_JMS6846-35114-35166155_JMS6846-35114-35166 156_JMS6869-35115156_JMS6869-35115 159_JMS6888-35117-35168159_JMS6888-35117-35168 163_JMS6909-35120163_JMS6909-35120 164_JMS6911-35121164_JMS6911-35121 166_JMS6943-35123166_JMS6943-35123 168_JMS6989-35125168_JMS6989-35125 A close friend of the family made this beautiful, wonderfully tasty wedding cake.  Great job Jane Eliasz! 169_JMS6996-35126169_JMS6996-35126 171_JMS7058-35128171_JMS7058-35128 These two had so much fun and are the perfect fit!  (The chandelier was home made and pretty impressive!) 173_JMS7080-35130173_JMS7080-35130 177_VVS3790-35132-35176177_VVS3790-35132-35176 179_JMS7108-35134179_JMS7108-35134 183_JMS7136-35137183_JMS7136-35137 This little girl lit up the room with her smile! 184_JMS7146-35138184_JMS7146-35138 185_JMS7162-35139185_JMS7162-35139 186_JMS7179-35140186_JMS7179-35140 187_JMS7206-35141187_JMS7206-35141 188_JMS7214-35142188_JMS7214-35142 189_JMS7238-35143189_JMS7238-35143 Pretty sure it was during this time that at least one of the photographers got to spend a bit of time cuddling little Luke :) 192_JMS7346-35146192_JMS7346-35146 195_JMS7372-35149195_JMS7372-35149 196_JMS7381-35150196_JMS7381-35150 You, yep you!  You need to be sure to leave a comment for the bride and groom below.  Carl says so! :)


Thank you Luke and Cristin for allowing us to be part of your wonderful day!  May your years ahead be blessed with much love, laughter and joy!


If you would like to see more of our wedding/engagement photos, click here.


Sharon Goodremote(non-registered)
What a wonderful ceremony celebrating love and family. Thank you Cristin and Luke for sharing the time with us. Special thanks to all those who were so creative decorating the barn, table remembrances everything!! It was relaxing and enjoyable.
Beautiful day, fantastic party, wishing you every happiness!
Crissy & Luke and Jeff & Vonnie -beeeeeautiful photos... Because it was a beautiful day with beautiful people!! I had tears going through them and reading the captions :)
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