Avanti Mansion Wedding Photography: Daniel and Taylor

July 12, 2016  •  2 Comments

Although the day started with rain, it could not have turned out to be a more beautiful day!  Daniel and Taylor have been so much fun to work with and the love they have for one another can be seen anytime you catch them looking at one another.  The Avanti Mansion offered the most perfect setting for their "First Look" as well and the wedding and reception.  As you scroll through their memories here, we are sure you will not miss the excitement these two had for their whole day!  101_JMS3342-34894-34995101_JMS3342-34894-34995 A love letter along with a beautiful necklace marking the beginning of their new journey together.  So sweet! 103_JMS3355-34895103_JMS3355-34895 104_JMS3366-34896-34996104_JMS3366-34896-34996 108_V1S7882-34899108_V1S7882-34899 109_JMS3392-34900-34997109_JMS3392-34900-34997 Stunning! 111_V1S7898-34901111_V1S7898-34901 120_JMS3443-34907120_JMS3443-34907 Sisters three!  We had the honor of photographing Lindsey's (sister on the left) wedding 4 years ago!  My how time flies!  And Jordan (sister on the right) will be getting married next year!  Such an privilege to to be able to document these very special life moments for this family! 122_JMS3471-34909-35001122_JMS3471-34909-35001 125_JMS3490-34910125_JMS3490-34910 129_JMS3511-34913129_JMS3511-34913 130_JMS3515-34914-35004130_JMS3515-34914-35004 132_JMS3527-34915132_JMS3527-34915 133_JMS3537-34916133_JMS3537-34916 Daniel was so anxious to see his beautiful bride! 134_V1S7937-34917134_V1S7937-34917 138_JMS3552-34920138_JMS3552-34920 144_JMS3567-34923144_JMS3567-34923 145_JMS3583-34924145_JMS3583-34924 147_V1S7985-34926147_V1S7985-34926 148_JMS3632-34927-35008148_JMS3632-34927-35008 150_JMS3638-34928-35018150_JMS3638-34928-35018 153_V1S7996-34930153_V1S7996-34930 155_JMS3672-34932155_JMS3672-34932 157_JMS3681-34934-35017157_JMS3681-34934-35017 160_JMS3690-34936160_JMS3690-34936 The bridesmaid on the right might look familiar.  She was married last month and you can find her wedding photos on our blog... Jordan and Megan. 162_JMS3694-34938-35016162_JMS3694-34938-35016 170_V1S8014-34945170_V1S8014-34945 Flowers were amazing!  By Flowers by Johnny 175_JMS3805-34949175_JMS3805-34949 177_JMS3841-34951177_JMS3841-34951 And the wedding ceremony begins... 179_JMS3928-34953179_JMS3928-34953 180_V1S8034-34954180_V1S8034-34954 182_V1S8054-34956182_V1S8054-34956 184_JMS3983-34958184_JMS3983-34958 Future brother-in-law performed the ceremony. 185_JMS3992-34959185_JMS3992-34959 188_JMS4072-34962188_JMS4072-34962 189_JMS4075-34963189_JMS4075-34963 190_JMS4115-34964190_JMS4115-34964 166_JMS3738-34941166_JMS3738-34941 168_V1S8008-34943168_V1S8008-34943 Elegant cake by Muscoreil's Fine Desserts 169_JMS3768-34944169_JMS3768-34944 194_V1S8118-34968194_V1S8118-34968 195_JMS4193-34969195_JMS4193-34969 196_V1S8151-34970196_V1S8151-34970 197_V1S8163-34971197_V1S8163-34971 198_JMS4260-34972198_JMS4260-34972 200_JMS4278-34974200_JMS4278-34974 201_JMS4293-34975-35010201_JMS4293-34975-35010 204_JMS4306-34977204_JMS4306-34977 205_V1S8202-34978205_V1S8202-34978 206_JMS4329-34979206_JMS4329-34979 210_JMS4436-34983210_JMS4436-34983 212_JMS4505-34985212_JMS4505-34985 214_JMS4525-34987214_JMS4525-34987 215_JMS4532-34988215_JMS4532-34988 216_JMS4534-34989216_JMS4534-34989 217_JMS4569-34990217_JMS4569-34990 Toy Brothers kept the party hoppin' 221_JMS4587-34992-35011221_JMS4587-34992-35011 223_JMS4592-34993-35013223_JMS4592-34993-35013 Daniel and Taylor, we wish you so much love, joy, and happiness for your future!  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be part of your most beautiful day! 

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Aunt Jane(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures.
Aunt Cindy(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures guys!
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