Hidden Valley Animal Adventure Wedding Photography: Andy and Ashley

September 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Andy and Ashley are a most charming couple.  They have an ease with one another that comes with time and love.  Their day starts at their home where Andy and his mates prepared for the day and then moved to Ashley's grand parents' home.  The rain came and went but over all it was pretty close to perfect timing when it did rain.  We were caught in the gazebo at Hidden Valley Animal Adventure with a down pour but these two persisted and enjoyed a bit of quiet time (albeit wet time) together.  Enjoy their photos and you will be sure to see the humor these two share as well.  100_JMS2803-28868100_JMS2803-28868 102_VVS1795-28869102_VVS1795-28869 103_JMS2828-28870103_JMS2828-28870 105_JMS2834-28871105_JMS2834-28871 I think the tie might be a tad too tight :) 106_JMS2842-28872106_JMS2842-28872 109_JMS2867-28874109_JMS2867-28874 112_JMS2880-28876112_JMS2880-28876 113_JMS2887-28877113_JMS2887-28877 116_JMS2899-28878116_JMS2899-28878 We had the dress all ready for photos outside but it decided to rain just as we got it hung.  Isn't it beautiful? 117_JMS2902-28879117_JMS2902-28879 118_JMS2906-28880118_JMS2906-28880 120_JMS2914-28881120_JMS2914-28881 124_JMS2941-28884124_JMS2941-28884 126_VVS1842-28886126_VVS1842-28886 129_JMS2973-28888129_JMS2973-28888 132_JMS2990-28891132_JMS2990-28891 Is she not a gorgeous bride? 134_JMS2994-28892134_JMS2994-28892 137_JMS3006-28894137_JMS3006-28894 139_JMS3022-28896139_JMS3022-28896 177_VVS1903-28929177_VVS1903-28929 142_JMS3070-28899142_JMS3070-28899 144_JMS3082-28901144_JMS3082-28901 145_JMS3089-28902145_JMS3089-28902 147_VVS1865-28904147_VVS1865-28904 The handsome groom is happy to see his bride coming :) 150_JMS3104-28907150_JMS3104-28907 151_JMS3105-28908151_JMS3105-28908 153_JMS3111-28909153_JMS3111-28909 155_JMS3124-28911155_JMS3124-28911 156_JMS3127-28912156_JMS3127-28912 159_JMS3133-28915159_JMS3133-28915 160_JMS3154-28916160_JMS3154-28916 161_JMS3188-28917161_JMS3188-28917 166_JMS3249-28921166_JMS3249-28921 You can see the sky giving us signal that rain was on its way. 167_JMS3263-28922167_JMS3263-28922 169_JMS3273-28923169_JMS3273-28923 170_VVS1896-28924170_VVS1896-28924 172_JMS3304-28925172_JMS3304-28925 The rain was coming in sideways so they actually had the umbrella up under the gazebo to try and stay dry. 173_JMS3308-28926173_JMS3308-28926 It let up enough to try and make a break back to the reception, but then... 175_JMS3313-28927175_JMS3313-28927 Oh what the heck?  Who needed it anyway :) 176_JMS3324-28928176_JMS3324-28928 180_JMS3354-28931-28961180_JMS3354-28931-28961 After a few moments the rain let up for a bit. 182_JMS3363-28933182_JMS3363-28933 184_JMS3364-28934-28960184_JMS3364-28934-28960 185_VVS1916-28936185_VVS1916-28936 Then on to the party :) 186_VVS1920-28937186_VVS1920-28937 187_VVS1924-28938187_VVS1924-28938 This was such a cute idea! 188_VVS1934-28939188_VVS1934-28939 189_JMS3430-28940189_JMS3430-28940 190_JMS3441-28941190_JMS3441-28941 192_JMS3457-28943192_JMS3457-28943 193_JMS3516-28944193_JMS3516-28944 195_JMS3532-28946195_JMS3532-28946 196_JMS3537-28947196_JMS3537-28947 THAT, is the look of love! 198_JMS3555-28948198_JMS3555-28948 and laughter :) 200_JMS3588-28950200_JMS3588-28950 201_JMS3595-28951201_JMS3595-28951 202_JMS3616-28952202_JMS3616-28952 205_JMS3679-28955205_JMS3679-28955 206_JMS3696-28956206_JMS3696-28956 207_JMS3706-28957207_JMS3706-28957 204_JMS3659-28954204_JMS3659-28954 203_JMS3650-28953203_JMS3650-28953 Thank you Andy and Ashely for allowing us to be part of your most beautiful day!  We wish you all the best things for your future!

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