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Akron, NY wedding photography - Timberlodge at Arrowhead Golf Club: Cory and Meaghan

November 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Cory and Meaghan had a most beautiful day filled with friends and family, lots of love, and for it being October 31st, good weather.  We so enjoyed our day watching these two join together and begin their journey as husband and wife! Timberlodge at Arrowhead Golf Club was a wonderful venue for this fall wedding reception.  Enjoy their day by scrolling through their photos and be sure to leave them a message at the end!  100_JMS9804-30162100_JMS9804-30162 103_JMS9837-30165103_JMS9837-30165 105_JMS9848-30166-30294105_JMS9848-30166-30294 106_JMS9857-30167106_JMS9857-30167 107_JMS9861-30168107_JMS9861-30168 109_JMS9873-30170109_JMS9873-30170 110_VVS2345-30171110_VVS2345-30171 Really loved these rustic bouquets! 114_VVS2357-30175114_VVS2357-30175 116_VVS2371-30177116_VVS2371-30177 A sister who was expecting twins on Monday made it through the entire day as Matron of honor.  Very impressive :) 119_VVS2387-30180119_VVS2387-30180 125_JMS9960-30184-30296125_JMS9960-30184-30296 129_JMS9975-30186-30298129_JMS9975-30186-30298 134_VVS2404-30189134_VVS2404-30189 139_VVS2410-30192139_VVS2410-30192 Full of energy... that is what I think when I see this handsome face.  He was so good for the entire day and never stopped moving :) 141_JMS0006-30194141_JMS0006-30194 146_JMS0027-30198-30304146_JMS0027-30198-30304 150_JMS0041-30199-30305150_JMS0041-30199-30305 152_JMS0051-30200152_JMS0051-30200 153_JMS0089-30201153_JMS0089-30201 154_JMS0098-30202154_JMS0098-30202 155_JMS0100-30203155_JMS0100-30203 156_VVS2423-30204156_VVS2423-30204 157_JMS0109-30205157_JMS0109-30205 158_JMS0115-30206158_JMS0115-30206 160_JMS0130-30208160_JMS0130-30208 159_JMS0125-30207159_JMS0125-30207 162_JMS0151-30210162_JMS0151-30210 165_JMS0161-30213165_JMS0161-30213 167_VVS2456-30215167_VVS2456-30215 170_JMS0196-30218170_JMS0196-30218 173_JMS0218-30221173_JMS0218-30221 174_JMS0245-30222174_JMS0245-30222 176_VVS2481-30224176_VVS2481-30224 A candle was lit in remembrance of a sorely missed brother. 179_VVS2488-30227179_VVS2488-30227 180_VVS2489-30228180_VVS2489-30228 185_VVS2498-30233185_VVS2498-30233 187_JMS0383-30235187_JMS0383-30235 188_JMS0390-30236188_JMS0390-30236 It was a bit chilly and the guys were kind enough to provide a bit of warmth to the girls. 191_JMS0406-30239191_JMS0406-30239 193_JMS0427-30241193_JMS0427-30241 196_JMS0439-30243196_JMS0439-30243 199_JMS0469-30246199_JMS0469-30246 200_JMS0473-30247200_JMS0473-30247 201_JMS0477-30248201_JMS0477-30248 203_JMS0483-30256203_JMS0483-30256 210_JMS0512-30253210_JMS0512-30253 214_JMS0529-30257214_JMS0529-30257 217_VVS2523-30260217_VVS2523-30260 183_VVS2494-30231183_VVS2494-30231 Loved this cake as well.  Simplistic beauty! 223_JMS0668-30266223_JMS0668-30266 224_JMS0688-30267224_JMS0688-30267 225_JMS0694-30268225_JMS0694-30268 230_JMS0733-30272230_JMS0733-30272 233_JMS0758-30275233_JMS0758-30275 234_JMS0768-30276234_JMS0768-30276 246_VVS2665-30288246_VVS2665-30288 Reception-1Reception-1 250_JMS0875-30292250_JMS0875-30292 251_JMS0885-30293251_JMS0885-30293

Thank you Cory and Meaghan for allowing us the privilege of photographing your beautiful day!  We wish you all the best and many, many years of joy and happiness!  Please feel free to leave the lovely couple a message below...

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