Robert & Selena, Conesus Lake Wedding, Livonia NY

June 06, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Robert & Selena's wedding day was very intimate and heartfelt with a small group of close family and friends. The day started at Roberts grandparents lake house on the beautiful Conesus Lake in Livonia. We received a warm welcome from family as we photographed Robert in his final preparations, and of course we got photos of all the family as well. From there we traveled a short distance to the Rodeway Inn to photograph Selena as she prepared for the ceremony along with her mother, father and sister, this was a quiet and very beautiful moment. Robert & Selena's ceremony was at the gorgeous St Matthews Catholic Church in Livonia and was perfect in every way. Following the ceremony we grabbed some quick images at the St Matthew courtyard and then off to Vitale Park in Lakeville for some time with the bride and groom before heading to Beachcombers in Conesus for the celebration! We have to add that it is very apparent in the images how much love they share and we thank Robert and Selena for allowing us to be part of such a grand day!

Have to give a big shout out to all the staff at Beachcombers! you guys did and awesome job and the food was delicious and service top notch! and The Cake Place in Avon made another delicious cake! Please feel free to send some love to Robert and Selena and wish them the very best for you their future. If you would like to see more of our recent work check out our blog archives

100JMS_4975100JMS_4975 101VVS_1874101VVS_1874 102JMS_5013102JMS_5013 Grandpa 103JMS_5025103JMS_5025 These two are absolutely wonderful 104VVS_1907104VVS_1907 105JMS_5069105JMS_5069 Love love love these rings! 106VVS_1927106VVS_1927 107VVS_1932107VVS_1932 108JMS_5109108JMS_5109 109JMS_5114109JMS_5114 110JMS_5130110JMS_5130 111VVS_1958111VVS_1958 Father daughter time 113VVS_1995113VVS_1995 114JMS_5177114JMS_5177 115VVS_2015115VVS_2015 117VVS_2041117VVS_2041 118VVS_2077118VVS_2077 119JMS_5245119JMS_5245 120JMS_5250120JMS_5250 121JMS_5254121JMS_5254 122JMS_5256122JMS_5256 123JMS_5269123JMS_5269 124JMS_5273124JMS_5273 125JMS_5290125JMS_5290 126VVS_2092126VVS_2092 127JMS_5338127JMS_5338 128JMS_5358128JMS_5358 129JMS_5437129JMS_5437 Ringbearer doing all he could to stay still 130JMS_5440130JMS_5440 131JMS_5562131JMS_5562 132JMS_5579132JMS_5579 134JMS_5616134JMS_5616 135JMS_5620135JMS_5620 136VVS_2211136VVS_2211 137JMS_5637137JMS_5637 138VVS_2227138VVS_2227 139JMS_5650139JMS_5650 140JMS_5652-Edit140JMS_5652-Edit 141JMS_5659-Edit141JMS_5659-Edit 142JMS_5669-Edit142JMS_5669-Edit 143JMS_5677-Edit143JMS_5677-Edit 144JMS_5689144JMS_5689 145JMS_5706145JMS_5706 146JMS_5717146JMS_5717 147JMS_5748147JMS_5748 148JMS_5771148JMS_5771 149JMS_5773149JMS_5773 150JMS_5784150JMS_5784 151JMS_5812151JMS_5812 152VVS_2297152VVS_2297 153JMS_5833153JMS_5833 154JMS_5847154JMS_5847 155JMS_5861155JMS_5861 156VVS_2339156VVS_2339 157VVS_2341157VVS_2341 158JMS_5884158JMS_5884 Love this 159JMS_5889159JMS_5889 160JMS_5900160JMS_5900 Wrapped up with a couple lakeside photos before our exit 161JMS_5919161JMS_5919 162JMS_5929162JMS_5929 Congratulations Robert & Selena! We wish you the very best!


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