Rustic Barn Wedding.....Joe & Andrea June 10, 2017

June 16, 2017  •  4 Comments

What beautiful spring day Joe & Andrea had for their wedding! Emotions were running high as we met up with the groom and groomsmen (all brothers) at the Park-Lake Motel, which I am pretty sure was filled to capacity with the wedding party and guest. Joe was all smiles as usual but there was clearly a touch of nerves showing. Those who know Joe can understand as Joe wants the best for everyone and when it comes to his bride you can multiply that by 100. We were able to get some images of Joe and his brothers (groomsmen) and of course having fun with this great group of guys.  From there we made way just a couple miles down the road to the beautiful Normandie Orchards venue where we met up with the bride and her ladies to capture some images of their final preparations. The air was filled with delightful anticipation with a touch of nervousness as Andrea (just like Joe) wanted everything to be perfect and perfect it was. Andrea was stunning as were all the bridesmaids. The ceremony began as Andrea and her bridesmaids made their way down the stairs to meet Joe at the alter. The heartfelt ceremony was conducted by Joe's father, who was able to put a very personnel touch to it which made the vows even more special. After the ceremony we able to captured some fun and creative images with the newlyweds and their bridal party, Joe & Andrea were introduced to the reception and all the guests by Josh of Big Party Sounds, a delicious meal by The Leroy Country Club followed just after the couples first dance. The celebration commenced to the sounds of Big Party Sounds, who did a spectacular job at keeping the guest entertained and on the dance floor. Have to give a shout out to Joe's Aunt Faline for the delicious cake & cupcakes and Ash-lins Elegant Rose for for all the beautiful arrangements.  Most certainly have to give a special kudos to Andie of Normandie Orchards for seeing that all the details of the day were taken care of, she worked with Andrea & Joe from start to finish to make sure all their wishes were fulfilled. Andie also worked with us to make sure we were able to capture all the images needed.

Congratulations Joe & Andrea!  It was a beautiful day!

Be sure to give this wonderful couple your love and well wishes in the comments and if you are interested in seeing some more of our photography work please feel free to checkout our Archives.

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Brenda Hodnett(non-registered)
Oh this is so Beautiful!!!
the pictures are beautiful what a wonderful job you did!!!!
Laura A. DeBadts(non-registered)
Wow! Stunning! I am grateful for your gentle approach. I was blessed to do Andrea's makeup and her bridal party and everyone looks fabulous in your photos. She wanted a subtle approach to her makeup yet elegant and it is clear in the pictures. Thank you
Normandie Orchards(non-registered)
What an amazing day, and photographed so beautifully. Your team did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of the day as well as the beauty of our property. It was our pleasure to host this wonderful event for Andrea and Joe, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with you. We hope to do it again in the future...... Andie and Norm Ellis
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