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Autumn Farm Engagement, Joe & Andrea

June 06, 2017  •  1 Comment

Seeing that we are just days away from this wonderful couples wedding it seems fitting to take a look at their beautiful fall engagement photos. We met with Joe & Andrea at Andrea's family farm that is located in the scenic countryside between Pike & Hume New York. It was a beautiful fall day and as we first met with them you could tell they were a bit nervous but getting to know them from our previous meetings, we had no worries that they would do great in front of our camera, just due to the fact that they are both nothing less than awesome and when they come together they have a beautiful chemistry that just takes over and shines with love for each other. Joe & Andrea are having their ceremony and reception hosted by Normandie Orchards in Perry NY and we are very excited to be able to photograph it all! Please send your love to this wonderful couple as they make the final preparations for the big day and be sure to check back to see the wedding photos.

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Andie Ellis(non-registered)
What beautiful work! We can't wait to host this event for this wonderful young couple. it has been a pleasure working with them throughout this process, and they are so much fun! You captured them beautifully. So looking forward to meeting you this weekend!
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