Rochester Wedding Photography: Ronny and Erica at Artisan Works

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His family is from Hong Kong and hers are from Mexico.  A beautiful blend of love, fun, and tradition mark this quite non-traditional wedding. He teaches English and she teaches Art.  He has a wild sense of humor and she embraces his humor with her own sense of warmth and joy.  Artisan Works was a perfect setting for the beginning of Ronny and Erica's journey as husband and wife as the walls and even the ceilings are covered in a wide variety of art work as unique and creative as this couple.  Two wedding dresses, a first look, a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, a mariachi band, and a gorilla that showed up towards the end of the reception created a day filled with love, ceremony, fun and surprises. Scroll through the photos to see how this incredible day unfolded.... 100_DSC0380-23164100_DSC0380-23164 Not every bride has two dresses!  The beautiful red one is the one that will be used in the traditional Chinese tea ceremony after the wedding ceremony.  Erica was stunning in both! 101_DSC0394-23128101_DSC0394-23128 102_DSC0409-23129102_DSC0409-23129 She had elegant hair pieces for each dress. 104_JMS0788-23131104_JMS0788-23131 108_JMS0815-23134108_JMS0815-23134 109_DSC0457-23135109_DSC0457-23135 111_DSC0468-23136111_DSC0468-23136 113_DSC0483-23138113_DSC0483-23138 A first look allows the bride and groom to enjoy a moment alone prior to the actual wedding ceremony. 114_JMS0862-23139114_JMS0862-23139 Although you can't tell by the expression here, the groom was very excited (and a bit nervous) to know his bride was headed his way. 116_JMS0865-23140116_JMS0865-23140 118_DSC0496-23142118_DSC0496-23142 Isn't this just a perfect spot for a first look? 117_JMS0867-23141117_JMS0867-23141 120_JMS0884-23144120_JMS0884-23144 Whew!  We did it! 121_DSC0525-23145121_DSC0525-23145 A photo with one of the resident giraffes was a must! 123_DSC0588-23146123_DSC0588-23146 The weather was cold, windy and snowy so while our original plan was to use some really great photo ops that surround the art gallery for the wedding party photos we were destined to do them inside.  The wedding party was a great group of friends and family that were a pleasure to work with.  125_DSC0606-23147125_DSC0606-23147 126_DSC0617-23148126_DSC0617-23148 That's ok Erica... your secret is safe with us ;) (Inside joke that we really shouldn't share :)) 127_DSC0626-23149127_DSC0626-23149 130_DSC0645-23151130_DSC0645-23151 131_JMS0897-23152131_JMS0897-23152 And now the wait for the actual wedding ceremony begins... 132_JMS0909-23153132_JMS0909-23153 Isn't she beautiful! 134_JMS0912-23154134_JMS0912-23154 Just like her momma.. 135_DSC0709-23155135_DSC0709-23155 138_DSC0716-23157138_DSC0716-23157 One happy bride! 140_DSC0718-23158140_DSC0718-23158 141_DSC0721-23159141_DSC0721-23159 142_DSC0758-23160142_DSC0758-23160 145_DSC0784-23162145_DSC0784-23162 146_DSC0797-23163146_DSC0797-23163 147_JMS0968-23165147_JMS0968-23165 A very emotional moment alone... (well almost alone). 148_DSC0821-23166148_DSC0821-23166 151_DSC0862-23169151_DSC0862-23169 Quick change for the tea ceremony. 154_DSC0875-23171154_DSC0875-23171 The Chinese wedding tea ceremony is a time-honored exchange which was created to show respect for the family.  The bride and groom serve their elders tea and in return the parents/grandparents give the couple advice and Lai see (lucky red envelope) usually containing money or jewelry.  It was a beautiful ceremony to witness. 1_JMS0988-231721_JMS0988-23172 2_DSC0899-231742_DSC0899-23174 158_JMS1050-23175158_JMS1050-23175 Back into their original wedding clothes enjoying a quiet moment together. 160_DSC0987-23176160_DSC0987-23176 And the party begins! 161_DSC1036-23177161_DSC1036-23177 162_JMS1081-23178162_JMS1081-23178 163_DSC1065-23179163_DSC1065-23179 164_DSC1070-23180164_DSC1070-23180 165_DSC1079-23181165_DSC1079-23181 166_DSC1120-23182166_DSC1120-23182 The toast and the decision to not go by the "script" as planned. 169_DSC1157-23185169_DSC1157-23185 172_JMS1131-23188172_JMS1131-23188 173_DSC1217-23189173_DSC1217-23189 174_JMS1138-23190174_JMS1138-23190 175_DSC1222-23191175_DSC1222-23191 176_DSC1228-23192176_DSC1228-23192 Delicious cupcakes by Dolce Cupcakery 179_DSC1295-23195179_DSC1295-23195 180_DSC1298-23196180_DSC1298-23196 Great DJ service by DJ Alykhan 182_DSC1366-23198182_DSC1366-23198 Mariachi band played sweet romantic ballads for part of the evening. 184_DSC1381-23200184_DSC1381-23200 And the friends from college!  Looks like the State group is a bit more fun ;) 185_DSC1398-23201185_DSC1398-23201 186_DSC1404-23202186_DSC1404-23202 187_DSC1407-23203187_DSC1407-23203 188_DSC1467-23204188_DSC1467-23204 And here is the promised gorilla! 

Please feel free to leave a message for our lovely couple below.  We thank you, Ronny and Erica, for allowing us the privilege to photograph your amazing day!  We think you two were made for each other!


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