Bliss, NY Wedding Photography: Mike and Hillary

September 24, 2014  •  4 Comments

A beautiful, warm and breezy day laid the foundation for the celebration of these two hearts to join as one.  Mike and Hillary are two souls that seem very content to just be together.  They have a love of "rusty treasures" which showed up in many of the details of their day.  The wedding took place in the amazing gardens in the backyard of her Grandparents home and under a beautiful metal gazebo that her grandfather had designed and made from scratch.  The Hole in the Wall catered a wonderful fried chicken meal with all the fixin's and they opted for cookies and milk for dessert (Cookie Queen) which fit perfectly with this rustic chic wedding. 

DJ- Scott's Rockin 100_VVS1438-17813100_VVS1438-17813 107_JMS2836-17820-17923107_JMS2836-17820-17923 116_VVS1510-17830-17926116_VVS1510-17830-17926 115_VVS1503-17829115_VVS1503-17829 119_VVS1541-17833-17927119_VVS1541-17833-17927 125_VVS1582-17839-17929125_VVS1582-17839-17929 A little help with the finishing touches from a friend. 127_VVS1604-17841127_VVS1604-17841 Gorgeous! 126_JMS5190-17840-17915126_JMS5190-17840-17915 128_JMS2984-17842128_JMS2984-17842 108_JMS2862-17821108_JMS2862-17821 109_JMS2865-17822-17924109_JMS2865-17822-17924 113_JMS2888-17826113_JMS2888-17826 Grandpa was best man.... love this! 112_JMS5163-17825-17925112_JMS5163-17825-17925 129_JMS3042-17843129_JMS3042-17843 132_VVS1625-17846132_VVS1625-17846 134_JMS3067-17848134_JMS3067-17848 135_JMS3080-17849135_JMS3080-17849 136_VVS1642-17850-17932136_VVS1642-17850-17932 137_VVS1658-17851137_VVS1658-17851 Love the hen and chicks in this stunning bouquet!  Flowers by Homestead Wildflowers 138_JMS3175-17852138_JMS3175-17852 139_JMS3194-17853139_JMS3194-17853 142_JMS3240-17856142_JMS3240-17856 145_JMS3255-17859-17918145_JMS3255-17859-17918 146_JMS3263-17860146_JMS3263-17860 147_JMS3281-17861-17919147_JMS3281-17861-17919 149_JMS3292-17863149_JMS3292-17863 150_JMS3295-17864150_JMS3295-17864 152_JMS5239-17866152_JMS5239-17866 These old cars were really sharp! 102_JMS5145-17815102_JMS5145-17815 ....and here are some rusty treasures. 103_JMS5147-17816103_JMS5147-17816 104_JMS2801-17817104_JMS2801-17817 153_JMS3303-17867153_JMS3303-17867 155_JMS3344-17869155_JMS3344-17869 156_JMS3357-17870-17935156_JMS3357-17870-17935 160_VVS1720-17874160_VVS1720-17874 166_JMS3465-17880166_JMS3465-17880 159_VVS1715-17873159_VVS1715-17873 Grandma made this very cute cake for the bride and groom to share. 167_JMS3479-17881167_JMS3479-17881 168_JMS3490-17882168_JMS3490-17882 169_JMS3509-17883169_JMS3509-17883 175_VVS1835-17889175_VVS1835-17889 177_VVS1852-17891177_VVS1852-17891 Hey... how'd this happen? 180_JMS3662-17894180_JMS3662-17894 Whew... over 60 years of marriage gave this pair the opportunity to remove the cuffs. 185_JMS3736-17899185_JMS3736-17899 187_JMS3799-17901187_JMS3799-17901 186_VVS1894-17900186_VVS1894-17900 188_JMS3832-17902188_JMS3832-17902 184_JMS3723-17898-17922184_JMS3723-17898-17922 Thank you Mike and Hillary for allowing us to partake in your beautiful day.  We wish you many, many years of collecting your rusty treasures that will mark all the milestones of a long, amazing life together.

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Vivian Grzechowik(non-registered)
Was an amazing day for an amazing couple. Everything was absolutely fantastic !! Hillary your were one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. Wishing you both many happy and loving years !!! It was wonderful to be able to share your day.

Aunt Viv
Colleen Kelley(non-registered)
Hillary you were just beautiful totally flawless thank you for letting us join your day with you Love you Aunt Colleen and Jim

Pictures are so stunning and bright awsome job
Sherry lauko(non-registered)
You are most blessed my love. Very Best of wishes to you both. Hillary you made an unbelievable bride. <3
kathy- KDM Photography(non-registered)
Love love love!! These are beautiful! What a gorgeous wedding!
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