Delaware Park Rose Garden Engagement Photography: Anthony and Julie

July 05, 2018  •  1 Comment

What a sweet pair Anthony and Julie make!  We had tried many times to get this session scheduled starting last fall.  There was always something that prevented it from happening.  So all the stress, struggle, and reschedules were because the ideal session was to be had in June! Julie LOVES flowers and the roses at Delaware Park Rose Garden were in perfect bloom!  A stroll through the gardens gave us ample opportunity to capture the affection these two have for one another.  We also discovered the easiest way to get Anthony to go from a stroll to a full blown jump-and-run was for him to think he saw (or heard) a bee.  He is not allergic and we would never have wanted him to get stung but we (including Anthony and Julie) had a few good laughs over Anthony's brisk behavior.  What a great guy to offer to spend an hour amongst the flowers and bees to give his love the images she desired.  I told you they were a sweet pair! So enjoy the images and be sure to leave a comment for these two at the end.

100JMS_5945-47007100JMS_5945-47007 103JMS_5949-47009103JMS_5949-47009 112VVS_1485-47017112VVS_1485-47017 114JMS_5987-47018114JMS_5987-47018 122JMS_6008-47025122JMS_6008-47025 124VVS_1516-47026124VVS_1516-47026 125VVS_1517-47027125VVS_1517-47027 130JMS_6023-47031130JMS_6023-47031 134JMS_6040-47035134JMS_6040-47035 136JMS_6046-47036136JMS_6046-47036 137VVS_1527-47037137VVS_1527-47037 139VVS_1532-47038139VVS_1532-47038 140JMS_6048-47039140JMS_6048-47039 145JMS_6062-47043145JMS_6062-47043 146JMS_6063-47044146JMS_6063-47044 151JMS_6074-47048151JMS_6074-47048 152JMS_6078-47049152JMS_6078-47049 155JMS_6096-47051155JMS_6096-47051 157VVS_1559-47053157VVS_1559-47053 158VVS_1563-47054158VVS_1563-47054 161JMS_6111-47056161JMS_6111-47056 163JMS_6119-47058163JMS_6119-47058 166VVS_1570-47060166VVS_1570-47060 167VVS_1591-47061167VVS_1591-47061 We had such a good time spending this time with you, Anthony and Julie!  We are very much looking forward to your wedding day in September.  It will be here before you know it! 

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As usual, Jeff and Vonnie did a great job capturing the joy and beauty of this couple. Congrats and best of luck in September.
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