Castile NY Wedding Photography...Benjamin & Hannahlee

January 26, 2017  •  4 Comments

Benjamin & Hannahlee...Married January 21, 2017

Although the plan was for some winter wonderland photos, the day out to be sunny and 57 degrees. The weather did change plans but with the help of two beautiful Victorian homes we adapted and had a wonderful time. The couple was able to have their first look at Ben's grandfathers home and followed up with some photos at a friends house just down the road. Benjamin & Hannahlee are quiet in nature but at the same time love to have fun. They also share a deep affection for each other that becomes very evident in their photos. The couple's heartfelt ceremony was held at the Castile United Church of Christ followed by a celebration with family and friends at Anastassia's in Portageville. Vasile Catering provided a delicious meal and provided the music.

We are so very thankful to be Benjamin & Hannahlee's photographers and wish them the very best and brightest future together. Please show this wonderful couple some love and well wishes in the comments.

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Sandra Drouhard Phillips(non-registered)
How can I see MORE photos???
Sandra Drouhard Phillips(non-registered)
Gorgeous photos! Congrats and love to you both!
Mary Lee Page(non-registered)
Amazing photos of a beautiful wedding!! So happy for Hannahlee & Ben.
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