Hilltop Engagement.....Rachel & Kris

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The hills over looking the Warsaw NY Valley is where Kris and Rachel chose to have their engagement photos. This location is totally fitting in that this is where they have made a home together along with their chocolate lab "Dayton". Both Rachel and Kris are very active and prefer to spend their down time with each other. They share a love of the outdoors and enjoy fishing, snowmobiling, taking Dayton for walks or simply relaxing at home. Knowing the story of Rachel & Kris there is no doubt that "they were meant to be".  Rachel shared the story of Kris's proposal and it is awesome! This is the proposal is Rachel' words.

"So it is Christmas morning (2014) and I am a little on edge because Kris knows this is one of my absolute favorite holidays and I was just hoping it would happen. So we open our presents at our house and got me some clothing and things so I was starting to think, ok its really never going to happen. He had one last big gift for me, so my hope is starting to rise again, however inside was just a mixer. All presents are open and done. So as I sit and completely pout over my mixer (He could definitely tell and I feel bad at this point because I'm acting quite nasty towards him. He even let me stew, sitting on the floor, asking if I wanted to open it, for what felt like 45 minutes.) He then finally said ok there is one more present, but we have to go outside for it (I am still acting like a total brat, I have no hope at this point and all I can think of was it must be a decoration for the house because I love crafts or something to do with the snowmobiles.) So I stomp out there with him and in our yard, near the pond, was a wrapped box. he bent down with me, and inside it said.. "Will you?" He then finished the sentence and said some other things (I honestly don't know what he said because I was screaming and crying) but obviously I said yes. He was also very thoughtful because we have a small fence in our memory garden, and he was able to capture the moment with pictures and a video because he set up 4 trail cams on the posts."

That is an awesome story! and Rachel just for the record is not a brat but was meant to spend her life with Kris. Totally looking forward to their wedding coming up on the 6th of August!  Be sure and send this couple your love!

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