Jordan & Megan....Rochester, NY Wedding

June 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Congratulations going out to Megan & Jordan!

Married on the 4th day of June, 2016 on a picture perfect day from start to finish. The ceremony was held at the prestigious Holy Cross Church in the lakeside hamlet of Charlotte, NY with the reception hosted by the Mill Creek Golf Club in Churchville, NY.

It was an absolute pleasure and honor to photograph Megan and Jordan's wedding day and we have to say that their family and all their friends were a joy to be around. The ceremony was heartfelt and beautiful and the photos that followed were nothing short of awesome with a special thanks to the staff at Mill Creek who provided a golf cart  for all the bridal party and a staff member as a guide. We have to give a big shout out to the bridal party for being such a riot to photograph never a dull moment! If you have been following our blog you may remember Megan & Jordan's lakeside sunset engagement, we were able to capture something similar on their wedding eve using the highest elevation point in Monroe County located just a short walk from the party at Mill Creek.

Please enjoy the photos and take the time to send Megan & Jordan some love in the comments.

100_JMS5142-33775-33864100_JMS5142-33775-33864 109_JMS5223-33781109_JMS5223-33781 113_V1S6655-33786113_V1S6655-33786 114_JMS5264-33787-33867114_JMS5264-33787-33867 116_V1S6673-33788-33868116_V1S6673-33788-33868 120_JMS5370-33790120_JMS5370-33790 121_JMS5372-33791121_JMS5372-33791 124_V1S6699-33793-33870124_V1S6699-33793-33870 126_JMS5390-33794126_JMS5390-33794 127_JMS5412-33795127_JMS5412-33795 130_V1S6715-33797130_V1S6715-33797 131_JMS5504-33798131_JMS5504-33798 132_V1S6718-33799132_V1S6718-33799 134_JMS5515-33801134_JMS5515-33801 140_V1S6750-33806140_V1S6750-33806 141_V1S6755-33807141_V1S6755-33807 142_JMS5590-33808142_JMS5590-33808 145_JMS5725-33811-33873145_JMS5725-33811-33873 147_JMS5729-33812147_JMS5729-33812 148_JMS5743-33813148_JMS5743-33813 150_JMS5752-33815150_JMS5752-33815 151_JMS5764-33816151_JMS5764-33816 152_JMS5781-33817-33874152_JMS5781-33817-33874 157_JMS5803-33820-33876157_JMS5803-33820-33876 160_JMS5835-33822160_JMS5835-33822 161_JMS5856-33823-33877161_JMS5856-33823-33877 163_JMS5878-33824163_JMS5878-33824 164_JMS5892-33825164_JMS5892-33825 165_JMS5903-33826-33878165_JMS5903-33826-33878 167_JMS5944-33827167_JMS5944-33827 168_JMS5949-33828-33879168_JMS5949-33828-33879 171_JMS5975-33830171_JMS5975-33830 173_V1S6849-33832173_V1S6849-33832 Of all the great dancer in this group the best had to be this guy! 175_JMS6077-33834-33880175_JMS6077-33834-33880 179_JMS6126-33837179_JMS6126-33837 Kudos to the Maid of Honor and Best Man for delivering an extremely entertaining toast 182_JMS6187-33840182_JMS6187-33840 185_JMS6231-33843185_JMS6231-33843 187_JMS6269-33845187_JMS6269-33845 189_JMS6309-33847189_JMS6309-33847 This is the highest elevation in Monroe County, off to the left you can just make out the Rochester City skyline. 190_JMS6312-33848-33881190_JMS6312-33848-33881 194_JMS6370-33851194_JMS6370-33851 193_JMS6358-33850193_JMS6358-33850 Yes the dance floor was packed! If you would like to see more of our work please visit our blog archive.


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