Alden, NY Wedding Photography: Cory and Alyona

June 14, 2016  •  2 Comments

Thunderstorms threatened Cory and Alyona's beautiful wedding day, but never showed up.  Friends and family, (Mom and Grandma coming all the way from Russia), gathered at a beautiful setting to witness these two starting their married journey together.  The day was intertwined with a few Russian traditions such as Vodka shots prior to the wedding and a bread ceremony at the entrance to the reception.  With all the support of this close knit group of friends and family, we are sure there will be many days ahead filled with love and laughter!  We wish you all the best Cory and Alyona! 101_JMS6645-33893-33975101_JMS6645-33893-33975 104_JMS6656-33894104_JMS6656-33894 105_VVS3605-33895-33974105_VVS3605-33895-33974 108_JMS6702-33897108_JMS6702-33897 110_JMS6718-33898110_JMS6718-33898 111_JMS6726-33899111_JMS6726-33899 115_JMS6736-33901115_JMS6736-33901 117_V1S7070-33902117_V1S7070-33902 118_JMS6767-33903118_JMS6767-33903 The Vodka shots :) 119_JMS6787-33904-33969119_JMS6787-33904-33969 122_V1S7099-33906122_V1S7099-33906 123_JMS6813-33907123_JMS6813-33907 124_JMS6817-33908124_JMS6817-33908 125_JMS6820-33909-33968125_JMS6820-33909-33968 129_JMS6838-33912129_JMS6838-33912 131_V1S7146-33914-33967131_V1S7146-33914-33967 136_JMS6904-33917136_JMS6904-33917 141_JMS6981-33922141_JMS6981-33922 142_JMS6987-33923142_JMS6987-33923 143_V1S7209-33924143_V1S7209-33924 145_JMS7011-33926145_JMS7011-33926 146_JMS7013-33927146_JMS7013-33927 148_JMS7055-33929148_JMS7055-33929 149_JMS7061-33930149_JMS7061-33930 150_JMS7069-33931150_JMS7069-33931 151_JMS7132-33932151_JMS7132-33932 152_JMS7150-33933-33965152_JMS7150-33933-33965 154_JMS7256-33934154_JMS7256-33934 155_JMS7268-33935-33964155_JMS7268-33935-33964 157_JMS7285-33936157_JMS7285-33936 161_JMS7366-33939-33962161_JMS7366-33939-33962 164_JMS7386-33941164_JMS7386-33941 165_V1S7320-33942165_V1S7320-33942 Bread Ceremony 166_JMS7553-33943166_JMS7553-33943 Mother of the Bride sang a song to her daugher (in Russian of course) 167_JMS7565-33944167_JMS7565-33944 169_V1S7404-33946169_V1S7404-33946 This couple had been married over 30 years and this was the example of kissing they gave the bride and groom.  Pretty awesome after all those years :) 170_JMS7671-33947170_JMS7671-33947 172_JMS7707-33949172_JMS7707-33949 173_JMS7724-33950173_JMS7724-33950 174_JMS7739-33951-33961174_JMS7739-33951-33961 176_JMS7756-33952176_JMS7756-33952 178_JMS7793-33954-33959178_JMS7793-33954-33959 182_JMS7880-33957182_JMS7880-33957 183_JMS7901-33958183_JMS7901-33958 Please feel free to leave a comment to the newly married couple!

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Darlene Golson(non-registered)
Beautiful Photos!
Lisa Cochrane (Mother of the Groom)(non-registered)
Great pictures! Can't wait to see the rest.
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