Warsaw, NY Wedding, Shawn & Erin....October 1, 2016

October 06, 2016  •  1 Comment

On the first day of October at the rustic and beautifully decorated legion hall in the village park of Warsaw NY, Shawn & Erin exchanged their vows and became husband and wife. The weather forecast was calling for rain so the couple who had originally planned for an outdoor ceremony decided to relocate to the interior of the hall and their decision was proven correct, just as the ceremony began the rain came down. The hall was set up for this change at the last minute but it was not at all obvious to the many friends and family in attendance. The decor was of a Victorian charm with a hint of fall that blended beautifully. Although it was raining for the ceremony Shawn and Erin had planned for a "first look" prior that allowed for them to meet each other and have their photos taken prior to the ceremony. This too, was also the right decision as the weather was nothing short of perfect.

We have truly enjoyed getting to know this couple, they have the personalities that just after you meet you cannot help but like them and call them "friends". Both Erin & Shawn have a great sense of humor and are not afraid to express their opinions, they have a great chemistry together and is no doubt they were meant for each other. We wish for Shawn & Erin the brightest and happiest future together and thank them for allowing us to be their photographers. Please checkout their photos and don't forget to send your love and well wishes to this great couple in the comment section at the bottom of the post.

Shout out to the vendors!

Hair by Miranda Wood

Flowers by Genesee Valley Florist

Catering by Mike Vasile

Cake by Laurie Lewbanski @ Lori's Luscious Layers

DJ Greg Gerace

102_JMS2580-38413-38487102_JMS2580-38413-38487 104_JMS2614-38415104_JMS2614-38415 106_VVS5558-38416-38488106_VVS5558-38416-38488 107_JMS2651-38417107_JMS2651-38417 110_VVS5609-38420110_VVS5609-38420 112_VVS5614-38421-38489112_VVS5614-38421-38489 114_JMS2691-38422-38490114_JMS2691-38422-38490 115_JMS2699-38423115_JMS2699-38423 Headed to meet his bride. 117_JMS2713-38424-38491117_JMS2713-38424-38491 118_JMS2731-38425118_JMS2731-38425 119_VVS5646-38426119_VVS5646-38426 120_JMS2739-38427120_JMS2739-38427 Awesome location for the first look, thank you Arnold & Sharyon. 122_JMS2744-38428-38500122_JMS2744-38428-38500 124_JMS2748-38430124_JMS2748-38430 126_JMS2757-38431126_JMS2757-38431 123_VVS5653-38429123_VVS5653-38429 127_JMS2762-38432127_JMS2762-38432 This was a great bridal party! 128_JMS2769-38433128_JMS2769-38433 130_JMS2793-38435130_JMS2793-38435 129_JMS2787-38434129_JMS2787-38434 131_JMS2802-38436131_JMS2802-38436 133_JMS2807-38438133_JMS2807-38438 134_JMS2808-38439134_JMS2808-38439 Sometimes trying to pull off the serious look can make you laugh 136_JMS2811-38440136_JMS2811-38440 138_JMS2823-38441-38494138_JMS2823-38441-38494 139_JMS2827-38442139_JMS2827-38442 Everybody loves Stew 141_JMS2829-38443-38495141_JMS2829-38443-38495 143_JMS2842-38444-38501143_JMS2842-38444-38501 145_JMS2848-38445-38502145_JMS2848-38445-38502 146_JMS2850-38446146_JMS2850-38446 148_JMS2874-38447-38496148_JMS2874-38447-38496 149_JMS2926-38448149_JMS2926-38448 152_JMS2929-38449-38497152_JMS2929-38449-38497 154_JMS2937-38451154_JMS2937-38451 This is a surprise cake the Erin had made for Shawn aka "Stew". Stew is an avid sports fan but is really into the UFC, He even had the UFC announcer record their reception intros which were awesome! 155_JMS2949-38453155_JMS2949-38453 157_JMS2964-38455157_JMS2964-38455 158_JMS2975-38456158_JMS2975-38456 159_JMS2983-38457159_JMS2983-38457 161_JMS3063-38459161_JMS3063-38459 162_JMS3067-38460162_JMS3067-38460 163_JMS3103-38461163_JMS3103-38461 164_JMS3114-38462164_JMS3114-38462 167_JMS3228-38465167_JMS3228-38465 166_JMS3122-38464166_JMS3122-38464 172_JMS3307-38469-38498172_JMS3307-38469-38498 173_JMS3317-38470173_JMS3317-38470 174_JMS3320-38471174_JMS3320-38471 175_JMS3377-38472175_JMS3377-38472 177_JMS3420-38474177_JMS3420-38474 176_JMS3382-38473176_JMS3382-38473 178_JMS3462-38475178_JMS3462-38475 These beautiful ladies are Erin's Aunts that are celebrating their 90th birthday! 185_JMS3548-38481185_JMS3548-38481 Everyone was having a great time on the dance floor! 190_JMS3645-38486190_JMS3645-38486 189_JMS3625-38485189_JMS3625-38485 181_JMS3501-38477-38499181_JMS3501-38477-38499 182_JMS3504-38478182_JMS3504-38478 Please send your congratulations to this beautiful couple and if you would like to see more of our photography you can checkout our blog here



Mickie Minster(non-registered)
Wedding staging by MIX
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