Gainesville, NY wedding photography: Phil and JoLeigh

September 24, 2015  •  1 Comment

This Saturday in September was cold and rainy, but that did not stop these two from enjoying their most beautiful day.  JoLeigh holds a special place in our hearts as she has worked with us over the last year or so making our clients beautiful by doing their hair and makeup.  Their wedding was in their own backyard and with many rustic touches.  A donkey drawn carriage bringing the bride down a golden lane was a pretty beautiful site.  Enjoy their day as you scroll through their photos. 100_JMS1452-28451100_JMS1452-28451 101_JMS1464-28452101_JMS1464-28452 104_JMS1483-28454104_JMS1483-28454 106_VVS1397-28455106_VVS1397-28455 They have such cute kiddos! 108_JMS1491-28456108_JMS1491-28456 113_JMS1507-28459113_JMS1507-28459 115_JMS1535-28461115_JMS1535-28461 117_VVS1423-28462117_VVS1423-28462 119_VVS1429-28463119_VVS1429-28463 122_JMS1567-28465122_JMS1567-28465 123_VVS1449-28466123_VVS1449-28466 124_JMS1611-28467124_JMS1611-28467 126_JMS1634-28468126_JMS1634-28468 128_JMS1641-28470128_JMS1641-28470 129_JMS1647-28471129_JMS1647-28471 130_JMS1651-28472130_JMS1651-28472 131_JMS1674-28473131_JMS1674-28473 135_JMS1691-28475135_JMS1691-28475 137_JMS1695-28477137_JMS1695-28477 138_VVS1491-28478138_VVS1491-28478 139_JMS1715-28479139_JMS1715-28479 141_JMS1720-28480141_JMS1720-28480 142_JMS1728-28481142_JMS1728-28481 144_VVS1562-28483144_VVS1562-28483 145_VVS1564-28484145_VVS1564-28484 146_VVS1567-28485146_VVS1567-28485 The rain was quite heavy and didn't provide any breaks at this point so we did photos under the tent. 147_JMS1758-28486147_JMS1758-28486 148_JMS1762-28487148_JMS1762-28487 151_JMS1774-28489151_JMS1774-28489 152_VVS1593-28490152_VVS1593-28490 157_JMS1799-28494157_JMS1799-28494 158_VVS1614-28495158_VVS1614-28495 160_JMS1821-28496160_JMS1821-28496 And then it subsided just enough for us to get out and capture some "just us" time that the bride and groom shared. 162_JMS1828-28497-28534162_JMS1828-28497-28534 164_JMS1832-28498164_JMS1832-28498 166_VVS1629-28499-28533166_VVS1629-28499-28533 167_VVS1644-28500167_VVS1644-28500 Looks like a Cinderella shot to me :) 168_JMS1841-28501168_JMS1841-28501 171_JMS1859-28503171_JMS1859-28503 173_JMS1865-28504173_JMS1865-28504 174_VVS1675-28505174_VVS1675-28505 176_JMS1871-28507176_JMS1871-28507 Loved the burlap/camo flowers! 177_VVS1678-28508177_VVS1678-28508 178_JMS1895-28509178_JMS1895-28509 180_JMS1931-28511180_JMS1931-28511 182_JMS1979-28512182_JMS1979-28512 That's pure happiness :) 183_JMS1986-28513183_JMS1986-28513 185_JMS1989-28514185_JMS1989-28514 186_VVS1716-28515186_VVS1716-28515 188_JMS2073-28517188_JMS2073-28517 190_VVS1738-28519190_VVS1738-28519 Pies instead of cake! The peanut butter ones were for the happy couple. 191_JMS2146-28520191_JMS2146-28520 192_JMS2155-28521192_JMS2155-28521 197_JMS2254-28526197_JMS2254-28526 198_JMS2262-28527198_JMS2262-28527 199_JMS2289-28528199_JMS2289-28528 200_JMS2337-28529200_JMS2337-28529 201_JMS2340-28530201_JMS2340-28530 Please feel free to leave a message below to the lovely couple.

Thank you Phil and JoLeigh for allowing us the privilege to photograph your beautiful day!  We wish you many, many years of true happiness!


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Congratulations to the beautiful couple!
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