Honeoye Falls Wedding Photography: Scott and Cait

July 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Scott and Cait had a beautiful day even though it was one of the hottest (and muggiest) days of this summer!  They both do Crossfit, which is how they met, and it did not take long to see how very much they love each other.  The Rabbit Room in Honeoye Falls was a great backdrop for these two to start their journey as husband and wife.  Enjoy! 100_JMS0630-25932100_JMS0630-25932 101_JMS0642-25933101_JMS0642-25933 103_JMS0654-25934103_JMS0654-25934 104_JMS0666-25935104_JMS0666-25935 Must start the day with a toast! 105_JMS0702-25936105_JMS0702-25936 107_VVS8686-25937107_VVS8686-25937 These pearls belonged to Cait's great, great aunt who picked them up on her travels as a WWll nurse. 108_VVS8698-25938108_VVS8698-25938 109JMS_5715-25939109JMS_5715-25939 112_JMS0743-25941112_JMS0743-25941 113_JMS0748-25942113_JMS0748-25942 114_JMS0752-25943114_JMS0752-25943 After a morning with some hair issues the bride is totally ready to meet her groom at the "first look". 115_VVS8730-25944115_VVS8730-25944 117_JMS0780-25946117_JMS0780-25946 118_JMS0785-25947118_JMS0785-25947 120_JMS0791-25948120_JMS0791-25948 Really loved how these two set aside time alone to enjoy the first moments of their wedding day together!  121_VVS8756-25949121_VVS8756-25949 It had rained the day before, so we had "chocolate" falls :)  As long as it did  not rain on their day we were good! 123_JMS0824-25950123_JMS0824-25950 125_JMS0838-25952-26007125_JMS0838-25952-26007 126_JMS0850-25953126_JMS0850-25953 127_JMS0854-25954127_JMS0854-25954 128_JMS0858-25955128_JMS0858-25955 130_JMS0935-25957130_JMS0935-25957 131_JMS0940-25958131_JMS0940-25958 133_JMS0961-25959133_JMS0961-25959 The flowers were amazing and done by an Aunt.  You literally could smell them when they walked down the street with them! 134_JMS0966-25960134_JMS0966-25960 135_JMS0979-25961135_JMS0979-25961 136_JMS0984-25962136_JMS0984-25962 137_VVS8855-25963137_VVS8855-25963 139_JMS0993-25964-26008139_JMS0993-25964-26008 142_JMS1009-25967142_JMS1009-25967 145_JMS1013-25969145_JMS1013-25969 147_VVS8896-25971147_VVS8896-25971 So much work (and love) went into all the different wood burning favors! 148_VVS8899-25972148_VVS8899-25972 150_JMS1060-25974150_JMS1060-25974 151_JMS1096-25975151_JMS1096-25975 Love this photo of Cait taking a moment by herself prior to the ceremony.  Isn't she beautiful!?!! 153_JMS1102-25977153_JMS1102-25977 155_JMS1115-25978155_JMS1115-25978 156_VVS8928-25979156_VVS8928-25979 157_JMS1150-25980157_JMS1150-25980 159_JMS1166-25982159_JMS1166-25982 The formal ceremony was so sweet!  Loved the intimacy it brought to the day. 161_VVS8949-25984161_VVS8949-25984 162_VVS8958-25985162_VVS8958-25985 167_JMS1223-25989167_JMS1223-25989 168_JMS1230-25990168_JMS1230-25990 170_JMS1299-25992170_JMS1299-25992 The first dance was a montage of songs from Top Gun.  They did great with all the different dance moves! 171_JMS1314-25993171_JMS1314-25993 173_JMS1362-25994173_JMS1362-25994 174_JMS1367-25995174_JMS1367-25995 175_JMS1369-25996175_JMS1369-25996 177_JMS1433-25998177_JMS1433-25998 First silicone wedding band we have seen.  This way Scott never has to take it off in any of his CrossFit training. 178_JMS1463-25999178_JMS1463-25999 179_JMS1509-26000179_JMS1509-26000 181_JMS1520-26002181_JMS1520-26002 183_VVS9157-26004183_VVS9157-26004 184_JMS1590-26005184_JMS1590-26005 Thank you Scott and Cait for allowing us the privilege of photographing your most beautiful day!  Please feel free to leave some love to the happy couple in the comments below. 

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