Letchworth State Park Wedding Photography: Brian and Audrey

June 10, 2015  •  2 Comments

Family and friends from all over the United States converged at Letchworth State Park to witness these two sweet people begin their journey together.  Sixteen states were represented and none of them were more local than the Finger Lakes region!  Their relationship has been mostly one of distance as they met in Las Vegas (read their story here) and currently he lives in Florida and she lives in New Mexico.  There certainly has been forces that have pulled them together and to hear their story you would just know that it was a love that was meant to be.  A perfect compliment to one another.  Their day could not have been more perfect either.  Beautiful weather, beautiful place, beautiful people... simply beautiful!  We hope you enjoy the photos of their very special day! 100_JMS7728-24713100_JMS7728-24713 Close family and friends gathered at the Chalet in the park after rehearsal to enjoy some good food and conversation. 103_JMS7797-24716103_JMS7797-24716 104_JMS7802-24717104_JMS7802-24717 105_JMS7808-24718105_JMS7808-24718 108_JMS7847-24721108_JMS7847-24721 101_VVS5516-24714101_VVS5516-24714 106_VVS5536-24719106_VVS5536-24719 Each of the girls received an special hankie from the maid of honor. 107_VVS5542-24720107_VVS5542-24720 One of the few times during the day the bride almost needed the hanky :) 109_JMS7866-24722109_JMS7866-24722 110_JMS7873-24723110_JMS7873-24723 114_JMS7901-24726114_JMS7901-24726 So pretty and so calm! 115_JMS7915-24727115_JMS7915-24727 These 4 girls come from 4 different states! Audrey lives in New Mexico, the maid of honor from Texas, and the 2 bridesmaids came in from Washington and Idaho!  That is true friendship that has lasted time and distance. 119_JMS7949-24731119_JMS7949-24731 The beautiful staircase at the Glen Iris. 120_JMS7953-24732120_JMS7953-24732 122_JMS7959-24733122_JMS7959-24733 123_VVS5597-24735123_VVS5597-24735 124_JMS8081-24737124_JMS8081-24737 125_JMS8095-24738125_JMS8095-24738 129_JMS8136-24742129_JMS8136-24742 130_JMS8142-24743130_JMS8142-24743 131_JMS8173-24744131_JMS8173-24744 132_JMS8215-24745132_JMS8215-24745 This was such a beautiful ring ceremony and one we had never seen before.  The rings were given to each set of parent to bless and fill with their love and well wishes and then each mother presented the ring to the love of their child's life.  133_JMS8240-24746133_JMS8240-24746 134_JMS8262-24747134_JMS8262-24747 A wine ceremony very similar to the more common sand ceremony. 135_JMS8284-24748135_JMS8284-24748 136_JMS8288-24749136_JMS8288-24749 137_JMS8307-24750137_JMS8307-24750 Lots of love backing these two :) 138_VVS5760-24751138_VVS5760-24751 139_JMS8380-24752139_JMS8380-24752 140_JMS8389-24753140_JMS8389-24753 141_JMS8391-24754141_JMS8391-24754 143_JMS8398-24755143_JMS8398-24755 145_JMS8426-24756-24797145_JMS8426-24756-24797 And finally a moment alone.... well almost :) 147_JMS8431-24757-24798147_JMS8431-24757-24798 148_JMS8439-24758148_JMS8439-24758 150_JMS8456-24759150_JMS8456-24759 152_JMS8462-24760-24799152_JMS8462-24760-24799 155_JMS8493-24763155_JMS8493-24763 157_JMS8494-24764157_JMS8494-24764 159_JMS8498-24765159_JMS8498-24765 160_JMS8502-24766160_JMS8502-24766 163_JMS8519-24767-24801163_JMS8519-24767-24801 164_JMS8528-24768164_JMS8528-24768 165_VVS5778-24769165_VVS5778-24769 167_VVS5805-24771167_VVS5805-24771 166_VVS5783-24770166_VVS5783-24770 168_VVS5823-24772168_VVS5823-24772 169_JMS8610-24773169_JMS8610-24773 171_JMS8702-24775171_JMS8702-24775 172_JMS8712-24776172_JMS8712-24776 Think that's a big enough taste of cake Brian?  I guess he likes to give all he has :) 174_JMS8741-24778174_JMS8741-24778 175_JMS8745-24779175_JMS8745-24779 176_JMS8775-24780176_JMS8775-24780 177_JMS8801-24781177_JMS8801-24781 179_JMS8827-24783179_JMS8827-24783 180_JMS8838-24784180_JMS8838-24784 This was a hanky her grandfather brought her from Japan. So love the engagement ring! 181_JMS8871-24785181_JMS8871-24785 182_JMS8925-24786182_JMS8925-24786 184_JMS9110-24788184_JMS9110-24788 188_JMS9165-24792188_JMS9165-24792 189_JMS9192-24793189_JMS9192-24793 190_JMS9206-24794190_JMS9206-24794 187_JMS9140-24791187_JMS9140-24791 Thank you so much Brian and Audrey for allowing us the honor of photographing your very beautiful day!  We wish you sooo many years of happiness, love, and togetherness.  It has been pure joy getting to know you, your friends and family!


Please feel free to leave Brian and Audrey a message and if you would like to see their engagement session and read their story you can click here.

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Karin Schubert(non-registered)
You are so beautifull. Georgeous pictures.
I wish you all the best for your life together. That you will always be able to love and respect the other one. Love Karin
Barney Panfil(non-registered)
Congratulations to Brian and Audrey! I can see that this was a beautiful day for a wedding. The photographs are awesome. I wish for you all the happiness and love you can possibly have in life.
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