JMS Senior Models - Class of 2016

April 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

We are very excited to introduce our very first JMS Model Team!  We have a year of fun and excitement planned with this great group of personable young adults! Please allow us to introduce:

Gabi from Letchworth

149_JMS9414-22673149_JMS9414-22673 Karly from Perry 162_JMS9498-22686162_JMS9498-22686 Natalie from Perry 197_JMS9793-22723197_JMS9793-22723 Dalton from Letchworth 204_JMS9849-22733204_JMS9849-22733 Adrianna from Byron-Bergen 109_JMS9149-22632109_JMS9149-22632 Marissa from Perry 184_JMS9673-22709184_JMS9673-22709 Shelby from Nortre Dame 280_JMS0567-22948280_JMS0567-22948 Aly from Perry 266_JMS0438-22934266_JMS0438-22934 Allison from Byron-Bergen 120_JMS9207-22643120_JMS9207-22643 Bailey from Perry 123_JMS9224-22646123_JMS9224-22646 Judith from Letchworth 135_JMS9332-22658135_JMS9332-22658 McKenna from Perry 175_JMS9598-22699175_JMS9598-22699 Andrew from Perry 209_JMS9890-22738209_JMS9890-22738 Katline from Le Roy 225_JMS0006-22892225_JMS0006-22892 Jason from Letchworth 237_JMS0127-22904237_JMS0127-22904 Brittaney from Keshequa 245_JMS0198-22912245_JMS0198-22912 Lexie from Nortre Dame 257_JMS0291-22924257_JMS0291-22924 Feel free to leave a message for any of our team and stay tuned for more to come!  Want JMS to take your senior photos?  Click here to find out more!



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