Castile, NY Wedding Photography: Anthony & Kristen

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This wedding was such a joy for us to photograph.  We first met Anthony (the groom) and Kristen (his future bride) when we did his senior photos four years ago.  Since then we have photographed a wedding, another senior, and family photos for these two wonderful families.  This is one of the blessings we enjoy from our lives as photographers.  Getting to be intertwined with families at the "big" times in their lives, and better yet, getting to create something beautiful for them to have forever as a remembrance is what it is really all about!  We love it and feel very privileged :)  Anthony and Kristen are two very sound, loving people and their wedding day was just beautiful. 106_JMS7554-17019106_JMS7554-17019 This is her second dress.  Her first dress burned in a house fire 3 weeks prior to the wedding!  They really had to scramble to find an exact replicate in time for the big day.  Alterations were being done just days prior!  Cannot imagine how hard it was for her parents trying to prepare for a wedding at the same time as having to deal with such a tragedy as losing their home.  But they sure did it :) 108_JMS7573-17021108_JMS7573-17021 Anthony sent Kristen this beautiful bracelet with a bouquet of flowers to the salon (SLB).  109_JMS7597-17022109_JMS7597-17022 So much sentiment in this photo.  The pearl necklace was given to Kristen by her Godmother when she was a baby and a new pearl added every year.  The blue heart shaped pin was worn by each woman in her family at their weddings as "something blue"  and the handkerchief was Anthony's great grandmothers.  111_JMS7611-17024111_JMS7611-17024 112_JMS7623-17025112_JMS7623-17025 115_VVS0414-17028115_VVS0414-17028 116_VVS0417-17029116_VVS0417-17029 119_JMS4919-17032119_JMS4919-17032 120_VVS0435-17033120_VVS0435-17033 121_VVS0451-17034121_VVS0451-17034 Bush Hill Florists did a wonderful job with flowers (as always). 123_VVS0460-17037123_VVS0460-17037 Doesn't she have amazingly beautiful blue eyes? 124_VVS0468-17038124_VVS0468-17038 127_JMS7730-17041127_JMS7730-17041 128_JMS7736-17042128_JMS7736-17042 132_JMS4937-17046132_JMS4937-17046 134_JMS7871-17048134_JMS7871-17048 Love this family :) 135_JMS4958-17049135_JMS4958-17049 129_JMS4924-17043129_JMS4924-17043 Such a beautiful spot for a wedding in Shane and Tara's backyard.  The rain threatened all day, but only sent a few sprinkles.   101_JMS7543-17014101_JMS7543-17014 136_JMS7934-17050136_JMS7934-17050 137_JMS7935-17051137_JMS7935-17051 138_VVS0539-17052138_VVS0539-17052 140_JMS7948-17054140_JMS7948-17054 142_JMS4974-17056142_JMS4974-17056 144_JMS7979-17058144_JMS7979-17058 146_JMS7990-17060146_JMS7990-17060 The balloons in the background had been put in the lake with LED lights in them but the wind would not cooperate.  Really loved the idea! 149_JMS8086-17063149_JMS8086-17063 151_JMS8110-17065151_JMS8110-17065 153_JMS8145-17067-17099153_JMS8145-17067-17099 156_JMS8180-17070-17106156_JMS8180-17070-17106 152_JMS8135-17066-17098152_JMS8135-17066-17098 154_JMS8154-17068154_JMS8154-17068 155_JMS8167-17069155_JMS8167-17069 157_JMS5021-17071157_JMS5021-17071 159_JMS8195-17073159_JMS8195-17073 Loved the cake "platter" 162_JMS8346-17076162_JMS8346-17076 161_JMS8344-17075161_JMS8344-17075 160_JMS8315-17074160_JMS8315-17074 Four generations of marital bliss!  Wow! Love it! 163_JMS8360-17077163_JMS8360-17077 164_JMS8373-17078164_JMS8373-17078 166_VVS0720-17080166_VVS0720-17080 167_JMS8438-17081167_JMS8438-17081 168_VVS0756-17082168_VVS0756-17082 170_JMS8504-17084170_JMS8504-17084 171_JMS8564-17085171_JMS8564-17085 172_VVS0763-17086172_VVS0763-17086 174_JMS8649-17088174_JMS8649-17088 180_JMS8802-17094180_JMS8802-17094 176_JMS8661-17090176_JMS8661-17090 178_VVS0831-17092178_VVS0831-17092 173_JMS8628-17087173_JMS8628-17087 Thank you Anthony and Kristen for letting us be part of your day!  We wish you many, many, years of happiness and we look forward to watching your lives evolve into something wonderful!

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